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Your SMC will uniquely distinguish your products in the hobby, toy and gaming space. SMCs make it easier for distributors and retailers to find, stock, and buy your products. Get yours for just $25 today!

Building Smart SKUs

Your SMC will prefix all of your company's SKUs, so you only need to buy one for your company. We recommend that SKUs always consist of your SMC followed by five numbers in the format SMCXXYYY, where SMC is your three-letter SMC, XX is a sequential number for which product line this SKU is for, and YYY is a sequential number for the product number in the product line (starting at zero for the base game or product itself). You can also skip numbers in order to band products within a line together where it's appropriate, for example, to differentiate big changes like revised core rules.

For example, if your SMC were ABC:

  • Your first base product would be ABC01000
  • The second expansion for that product line would be ABC01002
  • Your third base product would be ABC03000
  • An accessory that came out at the same time as that product would be ABC03001
  • The second edition of your fourth base product might be ABC04200. Note that this isn't necessary for reprints, only if the product is changed significantly.

This structure makes it easy to group related items together and see at a glance which SKUs go to which product lines, while making sure you don't accidentally overlap your SKUs. It also allows you, as well as retailers and distributors, to quickly identify at a glance which SKUs relate to each other, keeps similar items grouped together when items are sorted by SKU, and more.